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Emmaus staff and a team of over 645 volunteers provide a variety of essential programs to over 855 senior citizens aged 60+ in Washington, D.C. Our essential services reach out to build trust with seniors to provide support; advocacy and services that help them remain active, respected, independent and vital members of their community. Through this action we connect seniors with key staff to help them continue to live independently in their own homes. This arm of Emmaus Services for the Aging represents our commitment to meeting seniors where they are and how they are. We don't make seniors find us, we go to them. We bring to them the opportunity to participate in any or all of our free programs and services:

Licensed Social Workers: Emmaus social workers visit the homes of seniors to assess their social, mental and physical well-being; and provide case management services as needed. Our goal is to allow seniors to maintain their independence in their homes for as long as possible through the support of our services.

Part of the Senior Service Network Supported by the D.C. Office on Aging

Health & Wellness Programs: Emmaus is proud to announce our new health and wellness program in partnership with the Consumer Health Foundation, the National Capital Area Food Bank, and Kaiser Permanente. The health and wellness program is a comprehensive approach to meeting the preventive health care needs of our seniors. The program includes health and prevention education by a registered nurse from George Washington University. We also have a weekly nutrition and cooking classes to assist seniors in preparing nutritious meals at home. The “Thrive & Jive,” a beginner exercise class, and “Raise the Bar,” an intermediate exercise class, are led weekly by a certified geriatrics exercise instructor sponsored by the Consumer Health Foundation.

Advocacy: Emmaus serves as advocates, connecting seniors to government and private assistance, including Social Security, Supplemental Security Income, Food Stamps, Medicare/Medicaid, Low Income Housing Credit, and Washington Area Fuel Fund. Emmaus is also in partnership with the Federal Emergency Assistance Program for seniors who are severely behind with their rent and/or utilities bills. Additionally, Emmaus assists seniors with signing up with the Verizon senior phone line service.

Food Programs: Every month, Emmaus staff and volunteers deliver over 325 grocery bags. The food is donated by Bread for the City, Commodity Supplemental Foods Program of the USDA, and the Capital Area Food Bank. Whole Foods donates durable grocery bags each month that volunteers use to pack and delivery groceries to seniors. Also, located in the basement of Emmaus is our “Feast for All Senior Market” where seniors are given free credit to shop for items of their choice.

Friendly Visits/Telephone Reassurance and Companionship: A frequent struggle our seniors face is isolation and loneliness. Men and women who once were active members of the community now feel isolated due in large part to declining health. Emmaus coordinates volunteers to visit these seniors to offer comfort and reassurance. In addition, our volunteers provide weekly and daily phone calls to seniors to chat, asses their needs, and inform them about upcoming Emmaus activities. This coupling of senior with volunteer cultivates a special friendship and creates deep bonds of mutual love and respect. Learn more about this special program by listening to a story aired on W*USA TV 9 about life-time friends Helen Mitchell and Sam Kilpatrick.

Light Home Cleanings: A common cause of eviction for seniors is hoarding. Hoarding is not a simple case of being messy; on the other hand, it is a deeply rooted social and psychological matter that must be handled with respect and sensitivity. After a foundation of trust and respect is established, Emmaus is welcomed into a senior's home to complete a thorough cleaning and reorganization.

Housing Advocacy: Along with ensuring that our seniors are able to stay in their homes, Emmaus helps seniors locate affordable housing. Additionally, we mediate any tenant/landlord concerns that may arise. These concerns range from landlords ignoring necessary repairs to sudden dramatic increases in rental rates. If a landlord/tenant dispute cannot be resolved by Emmaus intervention, we refer cases to AARP's Legal Counsel for the Elderly. Legal Counsel for the Elderly meets at Emmaus on Tuesdays and Fridays to offer free legal advice.

Long-Term Care Ombudsman: Funded through AARP, our long-term care ombudsman advocates for the residents of 12 nursing homes and two assisted living centers in Northwest Washington. Known as a pit-bull with lipstick, our ombudsman investigates abuse allegations, assesses living conditions, and monitors the quality of life for hundreds of facility residents and patients.

Senior Center Classes/Activities/Field Trips: Emmaus is happy to host an onsite senior center which includes a variety of exciting activities, classes and field trips. Some of our most popular classes are poetry in motion, SeniorNet Cyber Senior Computer lab, art therapy, “Chat & Chew” socialization hour, bingo, birthday parties, field trips and more. We also serve daily congregate meals which provide seniors with free hot lunches Monday through Friday. Click here to view our monthly schedule of activities.

Special Holiday Events: Each year in December Emmaus hosts a large holiday celebration for over 250 seniors which includes a bounty of holiday foods and entertainment. Also, Emmaus recognizes that there are seniors who are isolated and homebound who find it challenging to enjoy the holidays outside of their homes. Many of these seniors are home alone on the holidays. Emmaus helps these seniors by hosting a Thanksgiving Day Meal Delivery as well as a Christmas Eve visit and gift delivery for homebound seniors.

This 2006 holiday season, Emmaus will also host a tree trimming party at our senior center thanks to the generous donation of a Christmas tree from the Garden District. Visit them at www.gardendistrict-dc.com.

Doula to Accompany & Comfort: The Emmaus Doula program trains volunteers to accompany seniors with serious or terminal illnesses during the end of life process. Doula volunteers provide companionship and support to seniors going through the end of life process that primarily have limited support systems. Working with seniors in their homes and long-term care facilities, Doula volunteers serve so that no senior has to live their last days alone.

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